Wells Fargo Announces New Points-earning Credit Card

Select’s editorial team works independently to review financial products and write articles we think our readers will find useful. We earn a commission from affiliate partners on many offers, but not all offers on Select are from affiliate partners. Wells Fargo has long been behind other card issuers in terms of robust credit card options … Read more

Americans’ views of economy worsen as gas prices rise: Gallup

The American public’s views of the economy are declining as gas prices rise, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday. Two-thirds of Americans surveyed in the poll conducted earlier this month said that gas prices are causing moderate or severe financial hardship on their household. That figure marks an increase of 15 percentage points from … Read more

Stock Market News: Dow drops 491 points, consumer sentiment sinks, battle for Spirit latest

Symbol price change %Change I: DJI $31,438.26 -62.42 -0.20% SP500 $3,900.11 -11.63 -0.30% I: COMP $11,524.55 -83.07 -0.72% US stocks were edging higher early Tuesday morning after slipping Monday and losing some momentum after rallying last week on easing expectations for the path of the Federal Reserve’s interest-rate increases. The S&P 500 lost early gains … Read more

Millions of US residents may get checks worth up to $1,050

More than half of California’s residents may soon receive a stimulus check from the state, Governor Gavin Newsom’s office announced earlier this week. As part of an inflation relief package worth $17 million, an estimated 23 million eligible Californians will receive payments, totaling up to $1,050 per person, later this fall. The relief package will … Read more

Tenet’s Balloon Financing Is Not the Best Idea

screenshot: tenet EVs cost too much. with the average price of an EV approaching $55,000, the transition that everyone from the government to auto companies want may be slowing due to unaffordability. But one startup is looking to help get people into more EVs by trying to make them more affordable. The way they’re going … Read more

The next financial hammer to fall: Public pension funds

The public pension situation could get really messy in the near future. There are currently about 300 state-administered and nearly 6,000 locally-administered public retirement plans, according to PublicPlansData, a project of the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College and the MissionSquare Research Institute. Those public pension systems have 14.7 million workers (eg, state and … Read more

California plans ‘inflation relief’ checks. Will other states follow?

Who may qualify for ‘inflation relief’ checks Those with up to $75,000 in income, or $150,000 if married and filing jointly, will receive up to $350 per tax filer, plus $350 if they have one or more dependent. Thus, joint filers with at least one dependent stand to receive the highest possible sum of $1,050. … Read more

Why AMD Stock Fell Over 5% Today

what happened Shares of chip designer OMG (OMG -6.62%) were down 5.4% today as of 12:45 pm ET. It’s a down day for the market overall, with the Nasdaq Composite index sporting at 1.8% decline. However, AMD said today it is investigating a possible data breach, and pressure from sagging GPU prices may also be … Read more

These Credit Cards Come With Sweet Airport Perks

photo: Noppy2016 (shutterstock) Hanging out at the airport is no one’s idea of ​​a good timeBut as the Transportation Security Administration warns of longer-than-usual wait times during this busy summer travel seasonit (unfortunately) seems the prudent choice to get to the airport early. When flying somewhereI’ve always stared longingly at my fellow travelers who have … Read more

Roth: 5 financial moves to make for a coming recession

With the Federal Reserve trying to cool the economy in an effort to stop the inflation that the Fed helped create in the first place, a wide variety of investors, business leaders, and analysts are upping their predictions of a recession. The old-school investor definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of year-over-year GDP contraction. … Read more