51 migrants die after trailer abandoned in San Antonio heat

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Desperate families of migrants from Mexico and Central America frantically sought the word of their loved ones as authorities began the grim task Tuesday of identifying 51 people who died after being abandoned in a tractor-trailer without air conditioning in the sweltering Texas heat. It was the worst tragedy to claim … Read more

Court kills Flint water charges against ex-governor, others

DETROIT — The Michigan Supreme Court on Tuesday threw out charges against former Gov. Rick Snyder and others in the Flint water scandal, saying a judge sitting as a one-person grand jury had no power to issue indictments under rarely used state laws. It’s an astonishing defeat for Attorney General Dana Nessel, who took office … Read more

Babies born through IVF end up being smarter… but are more prone to depression, study finds

Babies born through IVF are smarter but more prone to mental health problems than naturally conceived children, research suggests. Experts at the University of Helsinki followed 280,000 youngsters born in Finland between 1995 and 2000 until their 18th birthday. Babies born using assisted conception techniques performed better in class and were less likely to drop … Read more

Charges spiked against ex-governor, 8 others in Flint water

DETROIT (AP) — Charges against former Gov. Rick Snyder and others in the Flint water scandal must be dismissed after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a judge had no power to issue indictments under a century-old, rarely, law. It’s an astonishing defeat for Attorney General Dana Nessel, who took office in 2019, got … Read more

Elmo just got his Covid-19 vaccine

In a public service announcement released on Tuesday by Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, Elmo’s dad Louie — also a Muppet — shared his questions about the Covid-19 vaccine for children under 5. Elmo is 3-and- a-half years old. “Was it safe? Was it the right decision?’ I talked to our … Read more

North Korea works to prevent flood damages amid COVID crisis

SEOUL, South Korea — North Koreans were working intensively to protect crops, factory equipment and other assets from potential damage from days of heavy rainfall, state media said Tuesday, as outside observers worry any flooding could aggravate the country’s economic hardships amid its COVID-19 outbreak. Summer floods in North Korea, one of the poorest countries … Read more

Researchers say switching between healthy and unhealthy foods increases the risk of diabetes

Switching back-and-forth between calorie restrictive and normal diets may be more harmful for a person’s health than never adopting a healthy diet, a new study finds. Researchers at Georgetown University, in Washington DC, found that an unstable, changing, diet can cause long term harm to a person and even put them at an increased risk … Read more

Marijuana Users More Likely to Land in Hospitals and Emergency Rooms

Sorry, pot heads. We’ve got bad news: Your weed smoking habit might just land you in the emergency room—or at least make you more likely to. In a new study published today in the journal BMJ Open Respiratory Research, Canadian researchers found weed smokers visited the emergency room or were hospitalized 22 percent more than … Read more

Marijuana use linked to higher risk of emergencies and hospitalization, study finds

“Cannabis use is not as benign and safe as some might think,” said study author Nicholas Vozoris, assistant professor and clinical investigator in the division of respirology at the department of medicine at the University of Toronto. “Our study demonstrates that the use of this substance is associated with serious negative outcomes, specifically, ED (emergency … Read more