Investors Bullish as Growth/Tech Stocks Rally

Have you ever noticed that folks tend to be more bullish on the overall market when growth/tech rallies? The best evidence I have is that tech rallied late last week and my weekend Twitter Poll showed the highest percentage (63%) looking for the next 100 points in the S&P 500 to be up since just … Read more

Will This Year’s Energy and Commodity Trades Become Last Year’s Tumbling Tech?

Remember the way everyone was loaded up with tech stocks in 2021? Remember how it was about the only area of ​​the market that worked? And then came early 2021 and the stocks corrected. Tech bottomed in the spring of 2021 but the majority of those stocks that peaked in February 2021 never came back … Read more

I’ve Got Three Charts You Should Be Watching

Last week I harped away about gasoline and it finally fell in the last few days. Notice it fell right to the uptrend line. Now it should be obvious for even casual chart readers to see that if this line breaks, it changes the energy picture in a big way. As aside, last week we … Read more

So, a Bear Walks Into a Bar. He Sees a Bull and …

Folks are struggling. The fence between bulls and bears has seen the bears mosey over to it. A few have even jumped the fence — but most are now hanging out on the bear side, perhaps sharing a cocktail or two with the neighbors on the other side. They are looking longingly at the bull … Read more

Bear Market Rally or Start of Something Bigger?

Is it a bear market? Oh, I suppose that depends on your definition. If you think the media, which somewhere along the line defined a bear market as down 20%, then I suppose we’re not in a bear market. I am not one, when the S&P 500 goes down only 19% while the majority of … Read more

Going Up, Going Down, Going Nowhere Fast in the Market

Let’s start this column with some charts. We’re going to look at four different industries, because if you are, say a growth stock trader, you are focused on the down-and-out growth stocks and you might be led to believe those are the only stocks in the dumpster these days. Look at the Bank Index. Are … Read more